Its A Wrap: Kim Kardashian And Bush Part Ways (Pictorial)

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It seems all those rumors of Kim and Reggie splitting up have been confirmed, I`m not sure if Reggie cares or not but he was coming out of a restaurant the other day with some chicks when he was spotted by the paparazzi. Of course, they asked where Kim Kardashian was and he said “I don’t know”. The photographer asked if he and Kim were still together and he said “that’s enough of the questions from here”.

Meanwhile Kim was in Miami showing off her body and enjoying the single life. She’s been in Miami with her sisters all week. Fellas if you out there go find her and go in!!! Oh and enjoy these pics (note: notice Kim trying to pretend she has no idea how all these paparazzi got aboard the yacht she’s conveniently wearing a bikini on)