Jacob The Jeweler Coughs Up Almost $2 Million In Forfeiture Money To Authorities…

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a0gi28The Detroit Free Press reports that seven Michigan law enforcement agencies will share $1.6 million in drug forfeiture money formerly owned by Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabov.

The funds were surrendered as part of a plea deal Arabov agreed to after his 2006 sentencing of 30 months in prison for his part in cooperating with convicted cocaine trafficker and Black Mafia Family co-founder Terry “Southwest P” Flenory.

The seven townships and cities in Michigan will split amounts ranging from $67,200 to $267,000 and all funds must be used by law enforcement agencies as opposed to the participating municipality’s general fund.

The federal government will keep the remaining $400,000.

“This is all because of the invaluable work that they did,” U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg told the Free Press.

Shout-out to the biggest gang of them all; the United States Government…


  1. they said the biggest gang because they known there gangster too. damn joke for a attorney general. $400,000 being saved yeh right LOL>>>

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