Jay-Z & Alicia’s Yankee Performance Delayed

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Jay and Alicia were supposed to perform their NYC anthem “Empire State Of Mind” at Game 1 of the World Series, but now the performance has been postponed.

The postponement is due to Jay being scheduled to also perform in Columbus, Ohio the same day. Originally he was said to be doing both performances, first performing at the World Series and then flying a private jet from NYC to Columbus, but that plan has changed.

Instead Jay will be performing in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday and the World Series performance featuring Jay-Z and Alicia Keys has been rescheduled to take place in Thursday’s pre-game ceremonies, which airs on FOX starting at 7:30 PM Eastern.

The plan changed due to the weather and concerns that staging for the performance could adversely impact the field if it is wet, creating damaged and unsafe playing conditions.

The World Series, which places the New York Yankees vs. the Philadelphia Phillies, kicks off tonight in the Big Apple.