Jon Stewart Beefs With Bill O’Reilly Over Common

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So the chaos and debate on Common’s performance in the White House is still alive and strong. Host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart lamented about the conservatives complaining about this invitation: This isn’t even fun any more.” He delved into the comparison of Common’s lyrical content to America’s favorite performer Johnny Cash.

He also highlighted how easy it was for them to find videos of the conservatives contradicting themselves. “We’ve actually started burying these tapes around the office just to make this sporting.” He then did a hilarious freestyle against Fox News. (Watch below)

In response to his freestyle, Bill O’Reilly challenged Stewart to a debate about this whole Common situation. However I agree with Jon Stewart, This is getting old! O’Reilly did not focus on the contradictions in the conservative argument in fact he highlighted Common’s support of two cop killers and he said an interesting comment about rap music. 

“We fought the good fight years ago against gangsta rappers. He’s not a gangsta rapper. Now, society has accepted all rappers.” Interesting! Seems like he is insinuating that the direction rap has taken in the recent years is partly because of this “good fight.” (Watch the video below)