Kanye’s Still Untitled Album Gets A Release Date

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When you make music as hot as ‘Yeezy, you don’t need an album title, just a release date.  Monday November 22nd is the date that Kanye once again proves why he’s a ‘motherf*ckin’ lyrical wordsmith motherf*ckin’ genius.’  Coming fresh off his SNL performance, Kanye informed the masses via Twitter that he no longer cares about album leaks, and no matter what, his fans will get the yet-to-be-titled album on that date.


It’s sort of odd that the album drops on a Monday because physical copies are traditionally released on Tuesdays, so it’s likely that Kanye’s going the same route as Lil Wayne and releasing a digital copy first.  Then again, Kanye West is easily rap’s biggest superstar, so I’m sure if he wanted to drop an album on a Sunday, it wouldn’t be a big deal.   This just confirms L.A. Reid is not fired…that is until the higher-ups see Shyne’s SoundScan figures…



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