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Looks like Karrine might be trying a lil too hard to prove that she is the reformed ‘bad girl gone good’ with recent videos I have seen. Here is MEDIA 101 according to Superhead which also verges on a psychology class. So many references to ‘us,’ ‘our,’ and a nice lil PR boost for her Vixen Manuel coming out in 2009 lol. This chick trying to say she changed because she is now 30 as she neither confirms nor denies whether she is having Bow Wow’s baby. Please you still writing your stories, still promoting this life you have left behind yet enjoy cashing in on every now and again. I would have more respect for her if she, like Diddy, stopped trying to make themselves more relevant with this blogging. Camera phones and YouTube have a hell of a lot to answer for.
We pay attention to you Karrine because you put yourself out there, not because we looking for you. If you didn’t put yourself in the firing like like this we wouldn’t be checking for you.


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