Kid Cudi Returns Triumphantly On “Leader Of The Delinquents”

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Humming. Darkness. Cudi.

The world is shrouded in a perpetual cloud of darkness right now. The uncertainty can be crippling, the reality harrowing. We’re not sure when this quarantine will end — hell, we’re not sure when “normal” life as we knew it will resume. So in times of stress, we need art now more than ever. One seminal artist who knows how to convert pain into beauty is the man himself, Kid Cudi. Injecting a much-needed dose of euphoria into our lives, the elusive Cudi has come through with a brand new single, “Leader Of The Delinquents.”

Accentuated by Cudi’s staple humming, his latest single distills his unique artistry — one where he almost materializes the most spacey, abstract sounds and concepts — into an enticing offering. Not only does it have Cudi’s quintessential sonic fingerprints, which are brought to fruition by producers Dot Da Genius and Arkateqq, but it also retains his conceptual identity.

“I’ve been trapped in my mind, I’ve been tryna escape / Fame and loneliness, the recipe for disaster.”

While “Leader Of The Delinquents” hinges upon melancholy, it can be — and often is — comforting to lean into the darkness when we’re consumed by it. Ironically, Cudi is sparking a light in the current abyss of isolation.

Listen to “Leader Of The Delinquents” below: