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Looks like Lil Kim has upset famed production duo The Trackmasters, Tone and Poke who have been producing tracks for years for people such as Nas, Jay Z, 50 cent, R Kelly said they did all they could for former jail bird Lil Kim. But in true Queen b style, Kim didn’t live up to her responsibilities and after recording various tracks for her up and coming album under the guidance of the production duo who had put over a million dollars into her new company Brookland, Kim showed her true colors.Looking to involve Akon and Wyclef Jean, Tone and Poke were not impressed at all and when they voiced their concerns, Kim stomped her foot and said if she didnt get her own way she would take the already recorded material (made using the hard earned cash of the Trackmasters) to another label. That’s thanks for you. You would think at this point in the game this chick would settle herself down. Anyhow Trackmasters are suing her ass for 2.5 million