Machine Gun Kelly “I Don’t Want To Pull A Wiz Khalifa”

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I must say when I put Machine Gun Kelly in my 10 Rappers You Need to Know: 2nd Edition, I wasn’t really feeling his wave.  That being said I did like the most recent video he dropped. I might be taking the quote a little out of context with the title.  However, I have to co-sign MGK’s perspective on music in general, and thought the Wiz analogy was a perfect example of the point he was trying to make.  Snagged from DXnext:

Sidebar: Is it me or is MGK pretty much the white Wiz Khalifa?

Making Music For The People:I don’t ever want to be put into a position where my fans feel like I have to make solely underground music. If you listen to my latest mixtapes they definitely have a universal feel, and there were a lot of ‘big songs’ on Lace Up. I want to be an artist who has great underground credibility and great mainstream credibility. I feel like I don’t wanna just turn…I don’t want to pull a Wiz Khalifa. Like, Wiz is so great at what he does and his movement is so awesome but I felt like there was such a drastic switch between his mixtapes and his [Rolling Papers] album. I really wanna be aware of all that. With my own album, I don’t want to pull that type of move. But it’s all respect for Wiz Khalifa. I don’t want to be painted in that category as an underground artist because I always make good music. I’m bound to make big songs, but ultimately my goal is to make underdog theme music type shit.