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It has to be good when you get to be as big (no pun intended) as Lil Wayne. You got chicks all over the globe, soon to be wives (Nivea), baby Momma numero uno (Toya) and Baby Momma number two (Sarah), a Daddy who drops a mill on you literally in a club, tracks with everyone and their mothers, brothers, neighbors and their pets plus 8,000 fans who show up to see you perform in Rochester, NY to be told that you jumped ship early becasue the sound system was sub par. I thought it was all about the fans at the end of the day and if your fans are there chanting your name how can you not go out on stage and at least show that you were in the building, or even attempt to make do with what you have…improvisation is key in music. That is of course you were actually in New York. Word is Weezy wasn’t even in the state and therefore had no intention on showing up at the concert anyway.
I feel another law suit with his name on in the works.