Papoose Is Making A Promise…

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NYC rapper Papoose has been on the NY underground scene for a while and had some mainstream success with his features; like Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It Remix”, but what many have been wondering for some time is when is he dropping his debut album “The Nacirema Dream”?

He recently discussed the album in a interview and promised fans that the album would definitely be coming next year. He takes full responsibility and is no longer blaming his label. Papoose says:

“I just been taking care of every day life, I’ve been putting in that work, laying in the cut, making the right decisions…I’m coming with my album, “The Nacirema Dream” next year. I’m not sitting around like these rappers is doing and crying about these labels and all that. I got a master plan I’m about to put into effect next year, so they gonna really see how it’s gonna go down with my album.”

Papoose then tells the most important people, the fans that is, how he feels about them. He says:

“You like it or love it, if you f**k with me, cop it. And to keep it real with you, the feedback I get from the haters, the people that don’t like me, the only thing they say is ‘Yo, he ain’t dropped the album yet.’ So what they gonna say when I drop it, man? So next year, the album coming. I’ve been working.”

We’ll see if this actually drops next year and if Papoose actually lives up to his word, til then you can check his new song “Paid A Grip”.