Photographer Pressing Charges Against Odd Future’s Left Brain

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On October photographer Amy Harris went to the Voodoo Experience Festival to take some pictures of Odd Future’s set, only to end up getting b*tch slapped by Left Brain (Vyron Turner). Harris initially declined to press charges but rethought her decision when Odd Future denied the incident, and probably when she realized she could see some dough out of the up and comers. Check out what Harris had to say…

“I was very disheartened to learn yesterday that Odd Future is denying that one of its members, Vyron Turner (“Left Brain”), engaged in the violent conduct that so many people witnessed and even photographed or videotaped.  After he so publicly attacked me, I truly believed that an apology would be immediately forthcoming, which is why I declined to press charges at that time.  The unexpected turn of events, including an attack by Odd Future on my credibility and motives for discussing the incident, have caused me to re-evaluate my initial decision.  I’ve contacted an attorney – Amy Borlund with Doll Amir & Eley in Los Angeles – and am pursuing my options.  At a minimum, I am seeking a public apology from Vyron Turner.  Ultimately, I want a resolution in which Turner is held accountable for his actions.”

I appreciate the overwhelming concern for me personally and the many professional photographers who have reached out and shown support for me during this unfortunate situation.

Amy Harris