Pi’erre Bourne & Playboi Carti Link on “Yo Pi’erre”

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You wanna come outside?

Next to “If young Metro don’t trust you Imma shoot you,” “Yo Pi’erre, you wanna come outside?” has to be the most popular producer handle of 2017. The producer, Pi’erre Bourne, exploded onto the scene after his funny tag was featured in one of the year’s biggest hits, “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti. The two have worked extensively together in the past, and continue to do so on their latest collaboration, aptly titled, “Yo Pi’erre!”.

Unlike their previous collaborations, Bourne isn’t the one riding shotgun on this track—he’s the main artist, giving Carti the feature role. While he’s most known for his work behind the boards, Pi’erre has been grinding arduously to establish a fruitful rap path for himself as well. I’m not sure if producing is simply a means to an end for the young musician, but he certainly places a premium upon rapping.

“Yo Pi’erre” acts almost as an official introduction for Bourne, as the song starts off with, “I’m outside, and I ain’t going nowhere / You should get to know Pi’erre.” The jury is out on whether or not this track will help shift the perception of him as producer to rapper, but it’s certainly a solid indicator of his ability behind the mic.

Listen to “Yo Pi’erre” below: