Preview Of Amber Rose Showing Her Goods For King Magazine [VIDEO]

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Amber is going to be Kings cover girl and they released this tempting snippet a preview of things to come. I cant help but notice that although Amber still looks sexy she looks a little bloated. That aside I think Amber might be losing right about now. Why? Well because she went from Kanye to Wiz and from Ford Models/Vogue Magazine to Video Vixen/King Magazine. That seems like a downgrade but maybe if she secures that VH1 deal things may change.

KING-MAG: AMBER ROSE “BTS” TEASER from Billet Video Studios (DnkonDnks) on Vimeo.


  1. Great body but, over rated. A million women or more look 10x better than she does. If she wasn't rockin the bald head people wouldn't think twice about her.

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