Eminem’s Relapse 2: November 17th

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We finally got a date for the second coming of Eminem‘s Relapse: November 17th (even though Amazon has it marked as November 16th for the U.K.) You would assume that an American product would be released here first then sent abroad, but thats not the case here.  A lot of people were a little disappointed by the first Relapse but they didn’t bother criticizing it because everyone was just happy that there was a new Eminem album out. So what do we say this time if Eminem fails to impress listeners as he did on previous classics such as The Slim Shady LP and The Marshell Mathers LP?  Following his brutal diss track to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon called “The Warning”, I don’t think we should doubt for a second that Eminem can deliver on Relapse 2.