Rick Ross & Freck Billionaire Vs Floyd Mayweather

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Last month Floyd Money Mayweather got at both Rick Ross and Freck Billionaire. He called Ross a fraud and joked” when I need someone arrested I’ll call him.” With regards to Freck Billionaire, he accused him of being a theif for stealing an expensive watch after defaulting on his contract obligations with Mayweather’s Philthy Rich record label. Now both artists are hitting back on the new song featuring the Triple C’s Go (War Remix).

Ross goes in saying “F**k Floyd Mayweather! You spoke my name.” “Forever getting robbed/Bloods took your jewels/Can’t beat the IRS baby boy/Just pay your dues!”

Although Freck told AllHipHop.com, “I’ll respond to Floyd when I see him face to face. I don’t go back and forth on blogs, that’s his style.” He still delivers his verse saying, “Talking greasy because you’re 39-0?/Real life b*tch n*gga 39 and hoe/I’m his toughest opponent yet/I’m nothing like Marquez.” Refering to Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez

Listen to the track here.


  1. Ross talkin bout some bullshit im from the Veg and Mayweathers artist Tha Landlord is a Blood mayne. He bang the squad. but I guess ross gotta diss someone to get his bread. He’s like the new 50 tryin to beef wit everybody

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