Rick Ross Whipping G5’s & Showing Off Personilized “Boss” Louie Handbags

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This guy.  His absurdity never ceases to amaze me.  This clip can drag on but basically Rick Ross is on a jet.  He’s a boss so he mainly focuses on how he’s making moves and the fact that he is eating steak on a private jet.  Then Ross gets back to Miami to show of his new Louie bags.  Goes he have them personalized with a “Boss” insignia?  Of course.  Speaking of the actual boss the jet was payed for by Diddy and the good fellows at Ciroc.  Be sure to check out his “Mafia Music II” of his upcoming album Teflon Don.


Rick Ross- Jest Set Vlog

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  1. Perspective it is always a pleasure to read your posts. Rick has some major skill as far as rhyming, no doubt but, this boss sh– has gone too far.The “gangster” or “hustler” rappers take it to a level of idiocy. Boasters of themselves. It is truely sad. The only reason rick carries weight in the street is more than likely because hes famous. I dont doubt that he hustled a little bit in his years prior to rapping but there is no way he was a major heroin or cocaine kingpin. I always get a kick out of hearing rappers like rick ross talk about all the moves they make( and they do get into very incriminating detail) and they never forget to mention that the alphabet boys are listening. I dont know about the rest of you but , 2+2=4, If the feds are listening beause your enterprise is so big then why incriminate yourself on a track? one answer: BS, take a big sniff. Art is one thing. Tupac was an artist, mos def and talib are artists. Always rapping about the life you no longer lead if ever lead, and all the possesions you own and plan on owning makes you guilty of treason to the hip hop community.

  2. did this clown really say “yes it did once breathe h2o”???? he's a total dumbass, nobody gives a fuck about your material things, why would somebody else care about what another person has? learn what h2o is before you try to act smart, and stop lying about selling drugs and totin guns u fat dumbass officer

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