Roddy Ricch Prepares Upcoming Album With New Single, “Cut These Demons Off”

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Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial expected to drop soon.

Roddy Ricch has been on the fast-track to success. After triumphantly arriving on the scene in November 2017 with his Feed Tha Streets mixtape, Roddy has seemingly leveled-up with each release, collaborating with the likes of London on da track, Mustard, and Marshmello. The proud owner of an impressive body of work, Roddy is now ready for his official debut with his upcoming rookie studio release, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. Today, he sets high expectations with the album’s hot new single, “Cut These Demons Off.”

An issue that was perpetually swept under the rug to preserve a false sense of masculinity, openly discussing mental health issues has, thankfully, become almost common in society. On “Cut These Demons Off,” Roddy details how his harrowing past has dualistically structured his current resolve as well as his compromised psyche. While we all wish our “demons” would evaporate, it’s unrealistic — we have to talk about it. Roddy takes this opportunity to depressurize his mind while speaking on his layered journey. 

One of the borderline cliché tropes of success is the amount of fakes who opportunistically latch-on to an accomplished individual. When that one person makes it out, when they finally transcend their limiting environment, the hands inevitably come out, expecting to be compensated for anything and everything. While it might initially be difficult, one of the hallmarks of growth is learning to cut off the leeches to preserve one’s sanity and well-being.

On “Cut These Demons Off,” Roddy Ricch gets well-accustomed with this sentiment, speaking on those who don’t deserve his attention or resources, and learning to focus on himself and those who truly have his back and best intentions.

Get hyped for Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial by peeping “Cut These Demons Off” below: