Saints Demolish Patriots; Drew Brees Is A Beast

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81707225CG024_CAROLINA_PANTAfter a season’s worth of anticipation leading the New England Patriots dynasty down to the Metrodome to play the New Orleans Saints, we finally can say with full confidence: Drew Brees and the Saints are better than Tom Brady and the Patriots.  I don’t care how many championships Brady has won, the Saints, with a banged-up defense, confused him all night and made him look rather amateurish compared to Brees and his five touchdowns.  Efficiency is the name of the game, a game that Brady used to be the king of.  However, since his season-long injury last year, he (and the rest of the Patriots team for that matter) has just not looked the same.  Brees, on the other hand, looks like the king of the NFL, putting up huge numbers week after week and leading his team to an unbeaten record so far.  I’m happy to see Brees achieving so much success, after being pushed out of San Diego and snubbed by Miami as a free agent for Daunte Culpepper.  He’s one of the most intelligent players in the league and deserves the respect he’s finally getting, especially at the expense of the much-hated Patriots.  After last night, I’m officially on the Saints / Brees bandwagon.  Here’s hoping the Saints can make it to their first Super Bowl this year.