Scott Storch To The Rescue

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Fresh off a very public downfall, super producer Scott Storch is back in the game and ready to lend a helping hand.

As we all know Dr. Dre’s Detox has become a never ending saga of delays, but Storch sat down with Vibe recently and explained that he’s been working with Dre and is trying to help get the project to the people. Storch says:

“I’m doing Dr. Dre’s album right now. Detox. Well I’m here now, [so] we’re gonna see it. We’re gonna see it. You know, Dre opened up many doors for me and called me out, embraced me and took me back in after the publicly known drug addiction that I went through and it’s a blessing to be back.”

Pretty much everyone in the rap game has been said to be on the album and I don’t think Scott Storch’s involvement is going to speed things up any faster with this one.  He also discusses re-connecting with The Roots who gave him his start in the music game.

Detox is becoming mythic and if the day comes where it actually does drop people still probably won’t believe it.