#SitDown Wiz Khalifa Calls Ghostface Corny

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Disclaimer:  After listening to this again the audio may have been edited to sensationalize what Wiz said.  I can’t tell for sure though.  So maybe Wiz isn’t this retarded.  Just wanted to throw that benefit of the doubt out there.  We’ll see how things develop.

Edit 2: Wow plus these Ghostface comments weren’t real to begin with.  So is my whole point kind of null and void?  I mean if Wiz is calling Ghostface Killah corny regardless of if Ghost said anything that’s whack.  But is this audio f*cked with?  Did Wiz even say Ghostface was corny?  May be acting like an atypical sensationalist blogger right now.


Wiz is killing it right now, but he needs to sit down for a 5 minute time out.  How you gunna be on the cover of The Rolling Stone with a yellow patch in your hair and say Ghostface is corny?  I’m all about the #YoungBoySwag Wiz is talking about, but he is a little out of pocket for this.  I understand why Wiz made “Roll Up“, but the fact of the matter is that the song is weak sauce, and you can’t get defensive when people speak on that reality.  What’s really corny is mugging it up with basic b*tches.  Spotted at UHTN.





  1. Damn never thought I'd see the day when ihiphop wasn't riding wiz khalidas di*k! For a while I thought this was his site with all the promo.

  2. your blog loses credit with posts like this. “measure twice cut once””

  3. this nigga is fucking retarded…who the fuck think this nigga is even dope or even in the same game as GHOSTFACE NAS LOX… fuck WIZ KHAULAA whateva the hell ya name is, lookin like a fake ludicras…. how the hell they put U on the fornt cover of rolling stones…… this how u know the world coming to a end 2012.. get ya tape cassettes out when the day comes cuz hiphop beeeen DEAD..

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