Ski Mask The Slump God Debuts Single From ‘The Book of Eli’

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With one of the more interesting sample choices.

Highly popular rapper, Ski Mask The Slump God, has been teasing his debut album, The Book of Eli, for some time. Thanks to his dexterous raps conveyed by varied flows, fans have remained patient while Ski sorts out his creative vision. Today, we’ve received the long-awaited single from this album, “SKIMeetsWorld”.

Coming in at just shy of two-minutes, “SKIMeetsWolrd” is a dense track that packs in an entire song’s worth of energy and climaxes into a relatively short time frame. Using his staple quick-tongued flow, Ski effortlessly cascades over an interesting sample choice: a sped-up version of the Boy Meets World season one theme song. Obtaining clearance for the sample was the main perpetrator in delaying this track’s release.

Check out “SKIMeetsWorld” below: