Slaughterhouse Signing To Shady Records?

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The video for “Forever” just dropped and featured all it’s MC’s Drake, Wayne, Kanye, Eminem and Slaughterhouse? The four man MC crew appeared in the video with Slim Shady and this has started a rumor frenzy with talks of collaborations and the group being signed to Em’s label Shady Records. New York radio station Hot 97’s own credible source Miss Info has gone on to say:

“That Slaughterhouse appearance in “Forever,” was indeed a non-verbal announcement of the contract negotiations going on behind the scenes. For the past month, both sides have been working towards bringing the group to the Shady label. And that the gathering of Em and the guys at the shoot, is the first of more collaborations to come.”

Altough none of this has been officially confirmed by any of the artists involved, it would definitly be a good look for the two to join forces and give us some good music to look forward to. In the mean time Em’s working on “Relapse II“, Joe Budden’s working on “The Great Escape“, Royce’sStreetHop” is set to release in October and Crooked I is working on his EP called “Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist”, yes, that is the title.