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Well well well ain’t that something, Kanye being sued by Suge Knight? Turns out this stems from the 2005 party that Kanye threw down in Miami when Suge got shot, yes that was Kanye’s fault and the fact that Suge lost a 15 carat diamond stud…also down to Kanye. I mean first of all…why would this all be down to Kanye, that’s like saying the driver of the limo who took him to the party is also responsible, which he didn’t, secondly I bet that stud was only 5 carats and Suge is just claiming an extra ten for the hell of it and thirdly wtf is he doing waiting until now to shout foul. He of all people should know that cops don’t find shooters of anyone in Hip-Hop so if he was waiting for that to happen he is dumber than I thought.
Anyhow the suit was filed last month and I guess only time will tell.


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