Video: Watch Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg Apologize To Chuck D

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Mehhhh. Peter Rosenberg has been expanding his britches by the minute as the only fattening fish in a shrinking talent pool at NY's Hot 97. After accusing hip hop wise man Chuck D of being a "troll" on Twitter, and then flippantly dismissing Chuck's invitation to discuss their respective places in the culture, here's Rosenberg saying a limp sorry. Video after the jump.

Is Canibus On Bath Salts!? Issues Wacky Apology To Fans

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                              Following his infamous antics at King of the Dot’s Vendetta rap battle, Canibus took to his "Tumblr" to apologize to fans for his lackluster performance during his battle with Dizaster. If you didn't think Canibus could ruin his career even more, think again.