Video: Lil B – “4 Tha Record” (The Weeknd Diss)

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Lil B, the prolific Berkeley, CA rapper, is looking to drop his latest mixtape Thugged Out Pissed Out shortly (first since collaborating with Chance the Rapper back in August), and he's already sharing its first offering in a bit of urban menace many have forgotten existed within The BasedGod's mutated rap DNA. The track--along with a standard DIY music video for YouTube--finds Lil B going over an eerie beat, rapping about "the underworld" which, according to Lil B, he was "raised up" in. Additionally, Lil B directly acknowledges chart-topping Canadian recording artist The Weeknd (whose stock only continues to rise) with lyrics like "Call me Lil Bars with the XO Bars/ Saying fuck The Weeknd, I can't sing that soft", and "A lot of suckas fake, so I can't respect it/ Fuck The Weeknd, put that on record," rapped repeatedly--apparently BasedGod really doesn't like the singer-songwriter. Curious? Check out Lil B's "4 Tha Record" after the jump, and stay tuned for his forthcoming Thugged Out Pissed Out mixtape.

Video: Lil B Talks With CNN’s Brooke Baldwin; Discusses Race & Politics

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Berkeley rapper Lil B is no stranger to the media -- he's been documented quite extensively as of late; he's been involved in some hilarious "beefs" with NBA player Kevin Durant and most recently James Harden. Lil B, however, is also knowledgeable when it comes to politics. And judging from his recent appearance on CNN, Lil B is well versed in current issues as well as his American history. During his brief appearance on CNN, Lil B discussed his support for Bernie Sanders, for Black Lives Matter, and being 100% against cursing Hillary Clinton. Check it out after the jump.

Video: Lil B – “No Black Person Is Ugly”

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This guy knows how to troll the entire internet better than anyone. The title, the music...everything about his career seems like a middle finger to presumptions and/or a bold statement to incite reaction. Leading us to ask, "is this real life?" Check the video after the jump.