The Rapper’s Guide To Catching Feelings

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it's safe to say that hip-hop has reached its Emo Era. rappers, for the first time on a major scale, are extremely comfortable expressing their darkest thoughts and lowest emotions. good for them!

5 Rappers Who Could Body Kendrick Lamar With A Verse

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i wasn't even gonna speak on the lil homey kendrick at ALL at all. then this dude came completely out of his dickies to a TMZ cameraman about responses to his Instigator Verse. like, "they gotta try harder" or some other 2% milk light-weight business. that's when i was like...

Lupe Fiasco – “Peace Of Paper Cup Of Jayzus”

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Lupe Fiasco making sharp commentary on the influence of "paper" on the rap greats. In a way, this is a less explicit "letter" to hip-hop legends than Kanye's "Big Brother" or J. Cole's "I Let Nas Down." Greatest rapper alive or greatest rapper to die? The greatest rapper's a lie.   Rhymes after the jump.