The Wall Street Journal Recognizes Lil B’s Swag

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The Wall Street Journal is one of the most reputable publications in America, known for breaking news, excellence in journalism, integrity…and being all around swagtastic.  Reporting on how the Final Four underdogs, the Virginia Commonwealth Rams, have adopted “swag” as a locker room motto, The Journal chose to investigate the true meaning behind the infectious phrase.  So who did they turn to for answers?  None other than The Based God himself, Lil B.

The Wall Street Journal concluded that Lil B popularized the term swag, so they asked him to explain to all the old white folks out there what the conversational expression means. “It’s you being you-doing what you want to do and not worrying about what anyone says…Swag is being you. This is me, talking how it is. This is my swag.

All the suits reading this were probably thrown off by the Based God’s curveball when he added, “Swag swag, that’s that trademark…I say swag swag, twice. That’s how you know it’s me. Swag swag. It’s that ultimate bam-bam. You know what I mean? That double dosage.”

Now, if the WSJ could only grasp the social significance of the Cooking Dance, the world would be a better place.  The VCU team was seen Cooking following their recent upset victory over Purdue.  VCU plays Butler in the Final Four on Saturday.  May the swag be with them.