Timbaland Needs To Get Off This Plane

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It’s no secret that I’ve hated on Timbaland’s decision to join the mass population of rappers/producers/cornballs doing their little series on Twitter every week.  In fact, this is basically the second time that we’ve pleaded for Timabaland to stop making horrible music.

Now before I continue, I just want to make it clear that I respect Tim’s decision to stop focusing on Hip Hop and concentrate on more lucrative genres of music (AKA pop).  However, I can’t respect this song because it is nothing more than a heap of hot garbage.  It’s 2011; who thought a song filled with terribly overdone Auto-Tune was a good idea?  I mean this track would make T-Pain cringe.  Sorry, Timbo but I can’t get aboard this one.


Timbaland  “I Won’t Board This Plane”