Tyler, The Creator Releases “PUFF”

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Tyler continues his unorthodox 2018 musical release strategy.

Coming off his 2017 Grammy-nominated album Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator has used 2018 so far to further his musical reach without releasing an album successor–mainly through a collection of freestyles and loose singles. From the ominous “OKRA” to the soulful “435”, Tyler continues to demonstrate his vast musical acumen–an acumen that’s grown considerably since his 2008 introduction by way of the collective The Odd Future Tape. Continuing his unconventional 2018 release strategy, Tyler returns with the new single, “PUFF”.

Hazy synths and vibes supply a tranquil yet psychedelic atmosphere, mirroring Tyler’s overall musical aesthetic. Borrowing similarities from his 2015 album Cherry Bomb, “PUFF” blurs the line between reality and dreamscape, relocating the listener to an unknown territory that’s ironically highlighted by a familiar voice. It’s a manifestation of Tyler and all of his glory: esoteric, musically-challenging, artistic, humorous, eccentric.

Amazingly, Tyler achieves all of this without uttering a single word; when you’re a dual threat musical talent, sometimes you can let your production abilities do all of the talking.

Listen to Tyler’s “PUFF” below: