Tyler, The Creator Teases New Album?

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Flower Boy might have just found its successor.Yesterday, April 30th, a leaked Sony Music financial report revealed the slate of Q2 2019 releases for the powerhouse label. From Calvin Harris to P!nk, a collection of their perennial artists’ release dates flooded the internet masses. Joining that group of divulged information is the Flower Boy himself, Tyler, The Creator.

While Tyler’s name was on the list, under album name it simply said “TBD,” whereas other artists had their album titles adjacent to their name, potentially compromising the legitimacy of this. But, as luck would have it, Tyler today took to social media today to potentially confirm these rumors through a cryptic video.

In a 50-second clip, a collage of various Tyler faces and expressions — all rocking the same afro pick sticking in the same blonde hair — play over an ominous synth for approximately 22-seconds before a head-bumping drums come into play, crescendoing into a taste of gentle singing.

Is this a snippet from his upcoming album? We can only hope.

Watch the video for yourselves below: