UPDATE: 50 Cent & Beanie Sigel Go On Power 99 & Put Jay-Z, Dame Dash & Roc-A-Fella On Blast

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Perspective Edit:  Look at how beautifully 50 is using Beans as a pawn.  Do you think 50 cares about Beanie Sigel?  No he doesn’t.  He just wants to use him to publically discredit Jay while looking like an objective observer.  Notice how at the end of the interview it get’s really awkward when the dj mentions 50 signing Beans.  I’m just at awe at how perfectly 50 is playing this.  50 isn’t very relevant to me as a rapper, but he certainly isn’t stupid.  50 thrives in dramatic environments such as this.

UPDATE: The Jay-Z/Beanie saga continues as 50 Cent and Beanie went on Power 99 to discuss the beef with Jay-Z. Beanie explains how Jay-Z giving him “two bentleys, a record label and a clothing line” isn’t exactly as good as it sounds.

He says that he was paying monthly plans from a dealership on both of his Bentleys and it wasn’t that they were just given to him. As far as the record label is concerned he paid about $750 for the label purchasing the name “State Property LLC”, so it wasn’t given to him by Jay either. Beanie only had a 20% stake in the clothing label”State Property Clothing”, which was also owned by Jay-Z, Dame Dash and two Russian businessmen. As far as the Pro-Ked State Property sneaker line was concerned, Sneaker Villa the creators of Pro-Keds, approached Beanie and wanted to endorse him because they saw he was putting the sneakers on the map in Philly, so he recieved a 50% profit off of that. He then took it to Dame and behind his back and licensed the company who was lisencing the Pro-Keds and then he made it all Roc A Wear.
Beanie also discussed the movie “State Property”, saying that Jay didn’t give him that either. He was approached by a guy in Philly who had written a screen play and brought it to Dame Dash to put it into production. He also claims that he saw no money off of that either.
Although it may seem that this whole thing is over money squabbles and yes, most of it is, but Beanie says the point where he stopped looking at Jay as a friend was at his hearing to determine whether or not he be released to go on the “Roc The Mike Tour”. Jay was testifying on Beanie’s behalf detailing on what type of person he was and said that he was a good performer and a good person. When the judge asked if Jay was “willing” to be resposible for Beanie’s whereabouts, Jay mumbled and eventually stated “no” and Beanie was sent back to his 8×5 cell.
As of now 50 and Beanie have been getting real close, as Beanie befriended 50’s uncle while in prison. Word is Beanie is going over to G-Unit/Interscope. He’s also waiting for a response from Jay, but who knows if he’ll get it. You can listen to the full interview here.

Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent on Power 99 Pt. 1



Beanie Sigel & 50 Cent on Power 99 Pt. 2



50 Cent recently did an interview with Miss Jones on her morning radio show and discussed the beef between Beanie and Jay-Z.

50 discusses how Jay calling the cops at the Powerhouse show last week (where this whole thing began) a “sucker move” on Jay’s part. He also goes into how Roc-A-Fella was proclaimed to be a family and compares the label to Jimmy Iovine and Interscope saying Interscope is a business, not a family.

50 continues with Jay’s changing appearance and demeanor. He explains how Jay creates “a non-confrontational vibe with his glasses” and therefore that makes him more approachable. It also changes the way we view him because now instead of being gangster Jay from Marcy that we met on “Reasonable Doubt”, he’s now “Mr. Knowles”, the corporate business man who is selling out his once family for power.

50 also goes into a deal he wanted to make with Beanie where the two would do a project that could get Beanie about $800,000 and this was at the time he was to be released from his year long jail time. The deal never went through because Jay refused and according to 50, he believes it was because Jay didn’t want to lose something to him.

Despite Jay-Z being one of the greatest to do it, 50 does make a lot of valid points in this interview. You can listen to the full interview here.


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