UPDATE: Waka Flocka Recovering From Shooting

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As we previously reported So Icey/ Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame was robbed and shot earlier this week. He was shot twice during a botched robbery attempt.

DJ Holiday of the So Icey crew has spoken out on the rappers condition saying that he’s been in the hospital visiting Flocka and that the young rapper has a tough recovery ahead of him

DJ Holiday says:

“He’s actually responding better. He got shot in the arm and the other one hit him in the shoulder and it moved around and hit him [near his] lung…so he has a hard time really breathing and moving.”

“The bullet is lodged on the right side of his chest up under his arm and that’s where the most trauma was.”

It’s being reported that an unknown man attacked Flocka around 1:30 PM while he was washing his car at the Bubble Bath Car Wash in ATL.

The man approached Waka and demanded his jewelry and according to DJ Holiday:

“And he gave it to him but somewhere in the middle of that they kind of got into a tussle. The guy fled and shot twice before he left.”

Police are looking for the suspect who is described as a black man in his early twenties with a dollar sign tattooed on his left cheek and four circles and three squares tattooed between his eyes.

Waka is being surrounded by his family and friends at the hospital and is under 24 hour surveilance. Gucci also caught wind of the news and has been calling to check on him every so often.

Since everyone’s been going to jail, it was only a matter of time before someone got shot. That’s the rap game for you, but in all seriousness we hope Wacka makes a speedy recovery.


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