Vibe Disses Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi Disses Vibe

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So Cudi went to his tumblr to call out Vibe for speaking about his upcoming rock album after he turned down a cover opportunity.

Sooooooo glad i turned down that Vibe cover for March ha, look what they had to say about Wayne’s rock project and my upcoming rock project. Lower left hand corner, nice pic select tho! Wack a$$ vibe mag, for the LOSE! I was tricked into thinking it was gonna be a good issue cause the boss 50 was on the cover, was the only thing worth reading. Congrats on your only fresh cover in EVER!  Back to the Cud Life. Sorry i care about my art, im sorry ha i just put my heart into all i do, i work fucking hard as hell to make these jams. Im not some gimmick just making songs, this is my life. You insult my work your insulting me and i just cant have that. I just cant.

You can see the shot Vibe fired in the bottom left corner.