Video: Watch Hollow Da Don Destroy Joe Budden In A Rap Battle

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Joe Budden – Round 3

The crowd boos him into putting the mic down. I mean, he may have overtaken the Canibus adaptation of The Notebook for most embarrassing battle moment ever. Joe succumbed to his own hubris: a weakness for public acceptance and appreciation. Hollow says this in the first round, and it really misses the crowd because of how complex and honest it is in one or two breaths.

Joe is out of his depth and out of his league battling a younger, more savvy wordsmith. He doesn’t realize his senses have been dulled by the fame, so he (ironically) goes after Hollow’s drug addiction and self-destructive patterns. They mirror Joe’s own, though, and magnify his recent career as an exercise in narcissistic martyrdom. It’s like Joe is saying, finally, that he will do anything to be in your visual frame. He hasn’t seen a lens, screen or light he doesn’t like.

Because his attention whoring stops at no Youtube URL, he jumps headfirst into a feeding frenzy, where everyone eats except him, and they eat from him.