Wiz Khalifa On His Paper Plane Swag

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At a listening party for his new album, Rolling Papers, Wiz Khalifa checked a spectator for burning an L in the same room as him.  Wiz made the dude ash it out, but was nice enough to give him a paper plane to enjoy.

I understand that the whole rolling paper thing is Wiz’s brand, but he used to rap about smoking blunts all the time…but that’s like so two years ago, right?  Even though I have a pack of Bambu’s in the pocket, I’ll most likely stop by the local Sunoco and grab a Dutchmaster on the late night tip.


  1. he said no blunts cause it's a listening party for Rollin Papers, so all they were rollin was paper, not blunts…

    it's common sense…

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