WORLD PREMIERE: ERT Takes Listeners on a Wavy Ride With New Single, “Zoooom”

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The Chicago artist continues to shine.

After his successful Babygrande Records debut 2020 single, “Mental,” Chicago’s ERT is poised to continue that momentum with his premiere 2021 track, “Zoooom.”

The burgeoning artist laces the ethereal AyoWithTheMayo production with his stream of consciousness-styled writing to impart a euphoric atmosphere. Between wondering how a girl could betray him to fantasizing about Ferraris, ERT invites the listener to ride shotgun with him as he details the textured topics flooding his grey matter.

Throughout the wavy single, ERT paints an abstract picture that resembles a lucid dream: he architects tangible touchpoints that live in an esoteric atmosphere, straddling the line between reality and fantasy. ERT might blur the dreaming and conscious mental state, but “Zoooom” resoundingly elucidates his palpable talent.

As a proud native of The Windy City, ERT’s music is a reflection of Chicago’s imaginative artistic soul. Armed with an unmistakable melodic penchant and an experimental approach, ERT’s music brims with novelty while simultaneously employing modern rap accents; his head floats in the clouds, his feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

Tap-in with ERT by listening to “Zoooom” below:


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