YG Releases “Suu Whoop” Video

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The GoodBoyShady video is insane.

YG is more than just a musician. He’s a storyteller, advocate, fashion influencer, and, above all, he’s a genuine artist. He cares about delivering the best possible product that will manifest what’s transpiring between his ears, and today, he’s done just that. YG has dropped the video for his hype single, “Suu Whoop”.

Seeing as it’s YG, it’s fitting that the track’s entire essence oozes Cali vibes, so in order to best depict that visually, he gave this video a classic LA feel as well. YG can be seen rocking a Jheri curl wig while riding in a low rider, shot in black and white. Truly, it’s a visual journey.

Watch “Suu Whoop” below: