So, Beyonce seems to be using her powers for good and definitely (possibly) turned me into a believer. She was able to snag the very elusive Andre 3000., who I’ve been impatiently waiting to come back into the game.

These two are going to be working on the fifth track off her album, 4 (releases June 28th 2011), called “Party.” This is the only announced collaboration on her album, according to her Facebook fan page. We have seen her in the studio with Frank Ocean, but we’re not sure if his vocals will touch any of the tracks on 4.

The tracklist, as of 6:04pm, is as follows:

3. I Miss You

4. Best Thing I Never Had

5. Party (Featuring Andre 3000)

6. Rather Die Young

7. Start Over

8. Love On Top

9. Countdown

10. End of Time

11. I Was Here

‎12. RunTheWorld (Girls)