Game does it again. I don’t know what’s going on with this man.  Game is definitely trying to plant himself conveniently behind great artists in order to be cool by association. He recently spoke to Rap-Up about his The R.E.D. Album collaboration with Lupe Fiasco. It seems as though this man has not one original bone in his body. He’s extracting Lupe’s skater swag and making it his own.

“You know Lupe skates and I thought it’d be kind of cool to take that and make it reverse psychology. And you know when some bullsh*t is about to jump off, somebody is like ‘Yo I think we better skate.’ So it’s kind of like that. The worlds meet from our side and Lupe.”

Wait… what?! There’s only one thing going on in his video – swagger jackin’! Get it together, Game. You can’t just do what works for other people, and expect it to work for you.

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    Last time i checked Lupe almost got his ass whooped by Terry Kennedy because Lupe isnt a skater and tried to pose asone in that Kick push video/song