V-Nasty Is Punk Rock

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Chances are that if you are reading this you probably do not like East Oakland’s V-Nasty. Not trying to assume, just going by the numbers. I can see why a lot of people dislike her (it’s pretty easy to see). I am a fan. I am not going to sit here and talk about her “street credibility” or what words she uses, or doesn’t.

Let me take some time to explain the title of this post. I have been in and around music for a long time and have now seen hip hop music go through two generations. I grew up on 90’s rap music. That’s not what this post is about. I also grew up during whatever you want to call the rap game for the past ten years. In my opinion it wasn’t pretty. I also grew up on punk rock music. I still listen to both, frequently.

V-Nasty, to me at least, is one of the most original artists in music today, period. Like I said, this has nothing to do with her choice of words or street cred. She is the first of her kind. There is only one V-Nasty, like it or not. She is a sign of the future and progress. Change is needed. People need to feel uncomfortable for bit before they can move on. V-Nasty is making people feel weird.

The Sex Pistols were a punk band from England in the 70’s (before all of our time) whom many believe were the first punk rock band that spearheaded the whole “punk attitude” and look. This is debatable and has been ad nauseam. What isn’t debatable is that the Sex Pistols made a lot of people feel weird. People didn’t like them. They hated them. They were punk as f*ck. They were doing and saying something different that ruffled a lot of peoples feathers in their day. Now they are revered and looked upon as pioneers.

I’m not saying V-Nasty is pioneering anything, really. But by being an entity that has yet to be seen by the masses (see: being a white female gangster rapper that weighs about 100 lbs) she is breaking a mold. Whether you agree with her or not, breaking the mold is very important.

For me it’s not just about breaking the mold. She is nice with it. This is just my opinion, but many agree with it and I know many more that do not agree with it.

The whole WGM is on some different shit. A lot of people may not have been ready (including Kreayshawn). They are small white girls that were raised on a lot of different cultures in a very culturally diverse city –Oakland– and came up smoking the best marijuana the world has to offer (NorCal). You see them rapping and get mad. I see the videos Kreayshawn was directing before all this hype and the photos she took and I enjoy them. No anger. Kreayshawn‘s mother was actually in a punk rock band called The Trashwomen. Swag.

Doing whatever you want and not giving a f*ck is what V-Nasty is currently doing. It just so happens that that is exactly what punk rock is about (or was at least).

Change is good. People aren’t going to hold onto the same thoughts forever. If something makes you feel weird, strange, happy, bad, or angry, it still changes you. Change is good.

To end this thing listen to the track below. It’s a freestyle and goes hard as nails.


  1. Fuck no! WTF I can tell you're being sarcastic! This is not a good look at all i want her ass to come down here to the south so she can get dogged out !

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