Album Review: Capone-N-Noreaga- Channel 10

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capone-article_phixrAlmost ten years after their last album, Queens MC’s Capone-N-Noreaga [Click here to read interview] finally reunites for their third go-around, Channel 10.

Staying true to form, the two seasoned veterans don’t stray away from what first brought them to prominence.

Starting off with ‘United We Stand,Capone-N-Noreaga use the slow and drawn out production to prove that they haven’t lost a step chemistry-wise.

‘Rotate’ featuring Ron Brownz and Busta Rhymes sounds more like the distant cousin of Ron Brownz’s ‘Jumping (Out The Window),as CNN do a decent job entering unknown territory—the club scene.

DJ Premier slides in on ‘Grand Royal, and provides his unmistakable touch for the Queensbridge natives to continue their tough talk.

On ‘The Argument,CNN leave their comfort zone of the regular 16-bar format followed by the hook, and go line for line instead.

Nore: We both had hoes, now you got too many/we 30 now, why you still drink Henny.” Capone: N*gga, we raised on Henny, why you actin’ loose/you think you kind of mellow now, cause you drink Goose.”Nore: You spend too much time in the malls/grown-ass man still eatin’ on hotdogs.” Capone: I eat hotdogs, n*gga know I love the beef/think you gonna lose that dead stomach eating turkey meat.”

One of the strongest tracks on the album is ‘Wobble’ produced by Havoc and featuring Mobb Deep, (in their entirety). Behind Havoc’s orchestra-like backdrop, the foursome all have their time to shine.

Havoc: Blow on the dice/put up your ice/I’m so sure of myself, I’ll put up my life.” Nore: Shorty like a Maserati/two-door flirt/and her p*ssy tighter than Kayne’s shirt.” Capone: Architect, the way I draw heat and design a hit/a well-dressed goon rockin’ all the designer sh*t.”

CNN takes a page out of their previous book and remake ‘Phonetime’ from The Reunion into ‘Stick Up’ for Channel 10, with them talking about pulling a heist this around. ‘My Hood’ has to be one of the most thugged-out posse cuts in history as it features Tha Dogg Pound, Uncle Murda, Maino, and the Clipse.

The rest of the album holds together with songs like the Alchemist-produced ‘Follow The Dollar,’ ‘Addicted,’ ‘Beef,and ‘My Life.’

Capone-N-Noreaga’s Channel 10 is a solid comeback for a group that’s been on the outs for almost a decade. Their continuity remains the same as if they never took a hiatus, but their beat selection doesn’t match up to prior efforts excluding the tracks produced by Alchemist, Ron Brownz, Havoc and DJ Premier.

Besides that minor setback, the duo of CNN still prove they’re capable of providing that gritty New York persona that was all the rage back in the late 90’s, and that’s always going to be a channel worth turning to.

Rating: 3.5



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