James Blake & André 3000 Unite Forces on “Where’s The Catch?”

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From Blake’s forthcoming album, ASSUME FORM.

James Blake has long been a close friend of the hip-hop community. The English musician’s distinct voice and palatable sound lend themselves satisfactorily to hip-hop’s essence, ironically complementing it through the dissonance. From Vince Staples to Chance the Rapper, James Blake’s fingerprints can be found throughout a diverse collection of rap artists, typically imparting one constant: successful collaborations.

Blake’s unique voice and superior musical acumen accent his artistic fluidity, allowing him to adapt to most sonic landscapes. But what happens when this unique artistry meets a worthy challenger? We get a James Blake – André 3000 collaboration.

Today, January 17th, these mutually transcendent artists–who have leveraged their respectively disparate styles for musical lore–have joined forces for “Where’s The Catch?”–a single from Blake’s forthcoming album, ASSUME FORM. “Where’s The Catch?” orbits around an engaging instrumentals, texturized through the marriage of varying sonics to create an idyllic soundscape for Blake and 3 stacks’ singular sounds.

Announced via Blake’s IG, this André 3000 collaboration will join other hip-hop features on Blake’s new album, including assistance from Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. ASSUME FORM will be release this Friday, January 18th, courtesy of Polydor Records.

Listen to “Where’s The Catch?” below: