Beyonce’s New Music Direction Has An Odd Future

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We all knew this was coming and it should be no surprise that Beyonce is back in the studio, ready to dominate the music world again. I Am Sasha Fierce definitely generated a huge amount of success and her hiatus was deeply felt. However, we knew Beyonce was not ready to hang up her leotard, or whatever she plans on rocking these days.

Beyonce is back in the studio, ready to reinvent herself an introduce a new genre of music for her upcoming album. Beyonce is working with Frank Ocean of Odd Future. Odd Future is definitely an insane step away from Beyonce’s sound, but as weird as they are, it all just might work.

While in the studio Frank Ocean tweeted, “[T]his is the room i’m working in this day. not to brag but man, this is surreal. like..she’s singing my songs. if time were to stop right now, the past couple weeks would be near the top of the highlight reel for my short time on earth.

Though Beyonce is going in a strange and unfamiliar direction, there’s no doubt that she will impress.