I never intended to put iHipHop’s, Byron Crawford’s, nor my business out there in the street, but my hand has been forced. Two days ago, Byron, the proverbial rock over at dropped a post about certain blogs lowering their standards with regard to the blogger hiring process and the subject matter that they covered. You might have already read it. Knowing bol for some time now, and having written (briefly) for XXL, I dropped a comment asking him how he could continue writing over there, not because of what they pay him, but because of how long it takes for them to pay their bloggers. The brief time I was there, it took them a whole three (3) months to pay me my first check. I couldn’t work for anyone under those conditions, only because I’m older than most bloggers, I have four kids, a mortgage, tuition, car note, plus a wife that’ll bitch me out every time I come up short with the ends. Plus, I already worked under conditions like that back when I was an attorney in the music industry. That’s partly why I left that industry. And that’s mainly why I ended up leaving XXL. After a little more than 2 months being on their “payroll”. These days, more than ever, a man’s got to have standards for himself.

So I dropped that comment over at XXL, and a little after said comment appeared, I noticed they had deleted my shit. Now I know every publication has a reason to censor what’s on their site, so I wasn’t that insulted by their act. But it kind of brought up some kind of feelings I had been bottling up about how I was treated by them. Be clear, most of the cats that work over there are mad cool (shout outs to Jesse, Anslem, no shots B). It’s just that during them brief months that I was over there, I was EXTREMELY professional and courteous as to waiting out them months to get paid check one. After I realized I was hustling backwards, I connected with the fine people that run iHipHop. Because I go back with the owner, a Black fella, I was offered a better arrangement (meaning double $) than the one I had at XXL. Plus, being that I had just suffered through the holiday season without getting paid what I was owed from XXL, said Black fella decided, in good faith, that he’d pay me a once only upfront advance. Shit’s been cool like a fan ever since.

Anyways, I’m all over the place with this. Going back to when I realized I was getting played, I sent a very polite formal letter to XXL informing them that I officially resigned. The top white chick that runs that shop responded in a not so polite, rude manner, something to the effect of ” well fuck you and your future endeavors, you lil bitch”. Not so much in them words, but that was basically the gist. Still, I kept it moving, CJ rarely takes things like that personally. So yesterday, after my comment was deleted from XXL, I decided not to have my efforts wasted and re-commented, only this time on Byron’s site. I don’t expect much privacy in any comment that I leave on the Internets, only I didn’t expect bol to go ahead and publicize said comments in a full post, which he dropped yesterday afternoon. Peep. I didn’t realize that post was up until I got a call from the Black fella that runs this site, kinda barking on me for kinda divulging the terms of my arrangement here. He’s real private like that, plus being the shrewd business man that he is, he wants to maintain bargaining leverage in connection with any future hirings. Still being that that dude is a friend, and is Black, as opposed to being a white chick that didn’t give two fucks about my well being, I too let that pass. Needless to say it’s now all good.

Since I’ve been working here, a lot of fellow bloggers have hit me on the low ([||]) inquiring as to  whether iHipHop is hiring. In this economic climate, it ain’t hard for cats to smell the money. Unfortunately no. Still, as we continue to build out opportunities, I’m certain things will be opening up shortly. Basically, I’ll keep you posted. I will say this, being as how I looked over Byron’s contract with XXL a couple of years ago and knowing a ball park figure of what they pay him (they paid me less), don’t be surprised if you wake up one day seeing his rabble rousing ass joining the ranks over here at


Combat Jack

  • A-King

    More magazine/blogger fuckery exposed. Keep it going broskie!

  • pierzy

    It's a shame that you think race played a part. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling XXL head chica would treat a white man the same way and I would hope that Mr. iHipHop would treat a white employee as fairly as he treated you. If he didn't, well, how is that any better?

    Regardless, I think it's a good move you bolted (like damn near everyone else on that site) and Bol probably has a special deal considering how all of the pieces change around him while he remains.

  • tommykush

    Great story CJ