Clams Casino “Instrumental Mixtape 2” (B-Sides)

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If you’ve been fiending for more Clams Casino after the release of his Instrumental Mixtape 2, you’re in luck as he has released seven more tracks that didn’t make the original cut. Don’t worry though, these are still dope beats. If you’re an aspiring rapper or just love instrumentals, definitely give it a download.

01. Always Have a Choice [Havoc]
02. Cold Feet [Mac Miller]
03. Live From Da Hood [Lil B]
04. Never Understand [Squadda B]
05. 1 Time Remix [Lil B]
06. Coldness [Sha Stimuli]
07. 23 Dollars [Sha Stimuli]

Clams Casino Instrumental Mixtape 2 (B-Sides)