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Why is Deelishis making accusations that Bussa Bus is really on the DL. I guess she knows that 5 mins of fame she secured by having a booty and a spot on a reality TV show is close to up, so she gotta keep relevant somehow. Turns out she was frothing at the mouth and trying to be all coy about it to the author of Hiding in Hip-Hop. Terrance Dean.

Dean a former MTV employee has written a book about being a gay man within the entertainment and Hip-Hop industries and he was in Deelishis’s home town of Detroit promoting the book when she started to spin her web, saying that she knew a couple of things about a ‘rapper’ she used to date. I mean the only reason the finger points to Busta is because she said he had cut off his hair…but I bet there are plenty of rappers on her list.  Do we believe her? Or is she a woman who got knocked back? dee nightmare


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