EarthGang and Mick Jenkins Release “House”

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A freshly inked deal, and a brand new EP—EarthGang is killing it.

Fresh off their Dreamville signing, Earth Gang has started celebrating by releasing their new EP, Rags. The five-track project comes in at 23-minutes, and saves the two features for Childish Major and Mick Jenkins. Jenkins claims the last track’s guest spot, “House”.

Pharrell vibes dictate the tone for this track: soulful melodies, high-pitched hooks, and simply a funky vibe comprise its aesthetic. Gentle voices pleading to just “let it be” and “praying that someone finds what they need in their lifetime” introduce us to the track, teeing up Johnny Venus’ smooth, melodic verse. Discussing adolescence, his love for music, feeling blessed when a son calls his daddy home—simply everything that imparts comfort. Mick and Doctur Dot continue this sentiment on their respective verses, and offer their unique flavors to interestingly texturize this track.

Check out the Rag EP, and stream “House” below: