Fox News Refuses To Give Up On The Common = Childhood Destroyer Story

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I don’t even know what to say.  Basically Fox News is pissed off a black guy is the President and that he is inviting more black people over to the white house.  They keep forcing this point that bringing Common to some White House poetry slam is a bad example for the children.  When was the last time you heard a kid talking about poetry slams?




  1. controversial? also let the man in the middle talk man. lol! common the cop killer! what is wrong with white people? shut up! common's exactly who should be reppin the culture in the white house. shakespeare kills everybody, but he's a legend….

  2. White people? If you didn't notice there were two niggaz to the right of that white anchor. It's not white people, it's just a very conservative mentality.

  3. This is some bullshit! You believe these motherfuckers when they tell you they killed osama, but you don't believe them when they tell you Common is a terrorist! Get your stories straight, if its all half truths than its all BS.

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