Group Home Set To Release New Album “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” As Tribute To Guru

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August 20th, 2010


Babygrande Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Group Home’s “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” on September 28th.  Honing their skills for over 20 years, Group Home is back to pay homage to their longtime friend and collaborator, the legendary Guru.

Group Home has unquestionably proven that they are one of the most important groups to come out of hip-hop’s revered “golden age.”  Appearing on Gang Starr’s 1994 album “Hard To Earn,” Group Home released their critically acclaimed debut album “Livin’ Proof” in 1995.  Now, Lil Dap has returned with partner Melachi The Nutcracker, enlisting the help of legendary hip-hop icons Jeru The Damaja, Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) & more as well as some unreleased heat from former partner in rhyme Guru himself, to bring experience, perspective and their unique flavor to the game with their new album “G.U.R.U.”

Set for release on September 28th by Babygrande Records, Group Home’s “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” is a tribute to the movement that birthed hip-hop’s most celebrated emcees and a must-have for any true fan of hip-hop.

Be sure to check out the video below where Dap explains how he met Guru, and talks about the climate in New York City in the late 80s and early 90s that kept fake rappers in check.  In an era where rappers and child tv stars are getting record deals off of twitter followers, Dap reminds us that “… the 80s was wild.  All that stuff that these niggas talk about now, in ’89, early ’90s, some of them wouldn’t be here.  Because you had those type of people at those clubs to check you, to see if you were really like that,  and these people were really like that, so you had to gain that type of respect.”

* A portion of all proceeds from this album will be donated to Guru’s son’s trust fund.  Please join us in making a donation, at

Group Home

“Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal”

In Stores September 28th, 2010

Babygrande Records


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